Hiking Gear Essentials To Pack For Your Next Trip

Hiking Gear Essentials To Pack For Your Next Trip

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Whether you are going on a long hiking trek or just a day hike, you are going to need to remember a few essentials to ensure a successful journey. That means hiking gear and lots of it.

Before any trip you always need to make a list of what you might need so you are fully prepared. Make a list of the gear you do have and what you still need to get. You also need to pack as lightly as possible so you aren’t carrying too much weight. First, unpack what you don’t need and start thinking with your basic survival instincts.

Ask your self these kind of questions –

  • What is the length of my hike?
  • What will the weather be like during the hike?
  • Do I need camping gear? (Longer hikes require several days and you will need camping gear in these cases.)
  • What kind of food will I need to bring and how will it be prepared?
  • How much water do I need? How will I get water?
  • What is the local wildlife? (You will need to account for predators in the area you are trekking so you are prepared for any confrontations.)
  • What about emergencies?

These questions will help you narrow down what hiking gear you need and what gear you don’t.

Now that you have your list prepared, look at the items you still might need to get. You may have left out some of the most essential pieces of hiking gear that should be included in every hiking trip.

These may not be everything you will end up needing, but it’s a good place to start.

10 Hiking Gear Essentials To Pack For Your Next Trip

  1. First Aid Kit. You don’t want to end up getting an infection if you sustain a bad cut or worse, a bad fall during a more intense hike. Always be prepared.
  2. Cell phone and phone charger. Make sure you have sufficient battery on your phone for a long hike and some type of solar charger or wireless charger/battery pack.
  3. Hand Sanitizer. I love the CleanWell all natural and alcohol free hand sanitizer. The less chemicals, the better!
  4. All purpose tool. All purpose tools include a variety of tools in a small hand held compact size including a knife, scissors, pliers, nail file, screwdriver sizes, and much more.
  5. Water pack. I personally love the CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack, 100oz for for long hikes. Look into getting a LifeStraw to be prepared for any situation. LifeStraws make it possible to filter dirty water from streams, rivers, lakes, etc. so you never run out of water when in the wilderness.
  6. Compass and map. If you are going on a long hike and have no service for digital maps, you will need to bring a compass and map and go old school. It is time to exercise your directional skills!
  7. Bug Spray. You always need bug spray if you are going to be outside at all! You don’t want to end up getting sick from a bad bug bite. I love Burt’s Bees 100% natural herbal insect repellent. It is deet free but trust me, it still works!
  8. Bear Spray. Or depending where you are you might even need snake spray or any other spray for the different kinds of the local animal dwellers.
  9. Sunscreen. Check out this mineral sunscreen with spf 25 and made with natural and organic ingredients for all types of activity.
  10. Headlamp. If you are hiking for more than one day and camping overnight, you need a headlamp to see where you are going and be hands free for ultimate awareness.

What other essential hiking gear can you not live without?

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